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Personal Training For Boxing at our fully equipped Boxing Studio in Winkfield


 *PERSONAL TRAINING SALE £100 off all block sessions until 30th November 2018*


 With Personal Training in Windsor and across Berkshire from £40, small group personal training from £16, Old Skool Conditioning Training won’t be beaten on price.

Personal Training £50 per session, 12 personal training sessions £540, save £60

6 Week Personal Training Boot Camp, 18 training sessions 3 days a week over 6 weeks £720, save £180

Small Group Personal Training in Windsor and across Berkshire, Share your Personal Training with up to 5 people a great way to cut the cost of your training, 2 people sharing £30 each, 3 people sharing £25 each,  4 people sharing £20 each, 5 people sharing £18 each.

DSCF9339Want to learn to box? Want to lose weight and tone up and get in the best shape of you life? Boxing Personal Training will do it all, No need for any equipment either as it is all supplied at our Personal Training Studio in Winkfield which is fully equipped for Boxing Training with  fully matted flooring, punch bags to work punching strength and power, speed balls to improve hand speed and endurance as well as gloves, pads and skipping ropes. As well as this we have a full range of kettle bells 4-40kg, medicine balls and much more to get you floating like a Butterfly and stinging like a Bee. 

An awesome total body, calorie burning workout that you will really enjoy and where the focus personal trainer windsoris solely on you. Helping you to work even harder than you do in the class and achieve your fitness goals whatever they are.

Whether you are an experienced trainer looking for something to boost your fitness, a complete novice who wants to learn or just after general fitness and weight loss training and want to try something new. Boxing training isn’t just for the guys either plenty of my female clients love Boxing as it is great fun and tones the muscles of the body without generating bulky muscles. Many of my personal training clients who train Boxing with me do so for general fitness training and most say they get better results from Boxing than they have ever had with any other type of training session. So what you waiting for, get your gloves on and get boxing.


DSCF9080A Personal Training Boot Camp based around Boxing Training that will get you fit and toned fast at our fully equipped personal training studio. You will receive 3 Personal Training Sessions per week as well as getting a training plan for you to follow on the days that we don’t train together. All in all that’s a massive 18 training sessions over the six weeks that will get you in championship shape fast. 


DSCF9000I also cater for people wanting to learn the art of Boxing and can train you for white collar or if you are a Martial Artist or MMA practitioner wanting to improve your stand up fighting ability. I can provide you with an effective strength and conditioning training programme specific to you as I understand that training programmes for these sports have to be based around reactive power and strength, aerobic endurance, muscular endurance and anaerobic endurance. Put simply training with me will help to make you stronger and hit harder and faster and react quicker.

With experience both in the ring Boxing in the Army, running the Regimental team and having coached white-collar fighters to victory, I can help.

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