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Diploma in Personal Training Level 3

Exercise and Fitness Knowledge

Diploma in Personal Training Level 3

INCLUDING – Exercise and Ftitness Knowledge level 2, Gym Instructing, Exercise and Fitness Knowledge level 3, Advanced Gym Programming, Training in Alternative Environments, Health Screening, Functional Resistance Training, Sport
Specific Training and Ante/Post Natal.

Nutrition and Weight Management Award

INCLUDING – Nutritional Components of Diet, Food Science, Nutrition and Health, Metabolism and Energy Balance, Psychology of eating, Sports nutrition, Using Food Diaries, Dietary Analysis, Calculating Energy Values and Planning Balanced Diets.

Active Aging Award

INCLUDING – Age-related Changes to the Body, Degenerative Diseases, Psychological Benefits, Sociological Benefits, Adapting Exercise, Exercise Programming.

Core Stability

INCLUDING – Advanced Core Muscle Anatomy, Using Unstable Equipment, Functional Core Training and Using Cable Machines.

Boxercise Instructor

Kickboxercise Instructor

Boxercise Personal trainer

Certified Martial Arts Instructor

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