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Dan is both foudner and chief instructor at Dan's Old Skool Conditioning Training


An ex-Army Sergeant and highly qualified and experienced, Personal Trainer, Martial Arts and Fitness Instructor in Windsor, Berkshire.

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With 20 years combined Boxing, Martial Arts, Strength and Conditioning and fitness training experience behind him as well as having served thirteen years with the elite, Household Cavalry Regiment attending and passing some of the toughest courses the British Army runs and having soldiered in many of the worlds toughest climates and most hostile environments, ranging from the jungles of Central America to the scorching deserts of Iraq Dan knows first hand that both mind and body need to be fully fit to face the ultimate physical challenges.

Over years of service Dan learnt a great deal about truly effective and functional fitness training and how to obtain outstanding levels of fitness without ever going near a gym or having any equipment. Years of experience that you can benefit from.

Now out of the Army, Dan continues his passion for physical strength and fitness training, putting it into practice as a Competitive Strongman and Extreme Fitness Athlete.

Dan also understands that not everyone is an athlete, nor does everyone who engages the services of a Personal Trainer wish to become one, many simply want to become fitter and lead a more healthy life style and make small but positive changes in the way they look and feel about themselves. So no matter what you wish to achieve, your age or present physical ability Old Skool Conditioning Training will be there to motivate and guide you along every step of your journey and take far beyond what you thought you could achieve.

Also Having battled with a succession of catastrophic illnesses that very nearly killed him Dan knows and understands first hand how hard it is to begin a fitness training programme, something that most Personal Trainers don’t appreciate.

Dan set up ‘OLD SKOOL CONDITIONING’ Training in 2010, with a very simple yet often over looked training ethos behind it. Dan believes in a no nonsense back to basics approach to physical training using only training techniques and methods that have proven to be affective for decades. Dan also believes that a trainer should lead from the front, to set an example and never to ask a trainee to do something that he can’t, won’t or doesn’t do himself. Also the physical development of any trainee is only one part of the training, as developing a trainees mental fitness is just as important. Dan believes in cultivating a strong ‘CAN DO’ mental attitude and out look, not just to training but to life. Making the trainee both physically and mentally stronger and more confident.

With these few simple maxims behind the training Old Skool Conditioning Training has helped men and women of different ages and abilities achieve and surpass their fitness ambitions. Don’t just take my word for it see for yourself what some of them have had to say about training with Old Skool Conditioning on our TESTIMONIAL PAGE.


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