Strength & Conditioning Training

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Strength and Conditioning Training

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Dan’s‘OLD SKOOL CONDITIONING’ Training can help you to become bigger, stronger, faster and far more powerful.

Strongman personal trainingAs a competitive Strongman and Power Lifter and with years of strength and conditioning training experience behind me, this is my main area of expertise and something that I am extremely passionate about. I advocate and champion the use of good old fashion tried and tested techniques and drills to generate massive increases in strength and power using simple compound movements to begin with building a solid foundation, before progressing onto more advanced and technically difficult techniques.

Also I place a great store on these exercises building functional strength, that is both meaningful and that has direct transference to every day life. Going hand in hand with this is core strength development, which is overlooked by many people, put simply, without a good strong core you will never reach your true strength or sporting potential. Also correct form is crucial, not only to prevent injury but without it you are wasting energy that could be put to better use and making the exercise inefficient. Thus achieving sub maximal strength increases.

Conditioning Training for Combat Based Sports

Are you a Boxer, Martial Artist or MMA athlete? I can provide you with an effective strength and DSCF9704conditioning training programme specific to you as I understand that training programmes for these sports have to be based around reactive power and strength, aerobic endurance, muscular endurance and anaerobic endurance. Put simply training with me will help to make you stronger and hit harder and faster and react quicker.


DSCF9689Much of the conditioning training can be performed out of the gym as well, with drills such as platform loading, mace bell training and sledge hammer drills, tire flipping, plyometric training and much, much more. Even effective strength training can be performed outside the gym, though you do need to be a little inventive. You can train both Olympic and basic lifting techniques using sand bags and kettle bells to increase both strength and power in a meaningful way. The benefit you will get from this is massive as it is uneven/unbalanced weight that will more effectively replicate the demands on your body during a fight.

All Personal Training Plans and Boot Camp Packages come with free diet and nutrition plan and personalised training plan.

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